Frequently Questions & Answers

Friendly WiFi – It's good to know.
What is the Friendly WiFi certification?
An agreement has been made collaboratively with UKCCIS (UK Council for Child Internet Safety) and the UK's main WiFi Providers (who cover 90% of public WiFi services) which sets out a minimum standard of filtering that must be achieved in the provision of providing public WiFi services. The Friendly WiFi certification has been set up and licenses the use of its new symbol to Global businesses who provide public internet access to their Customers and meet these standards of content filtering.
What type of webpages are blocked by those participating in the Friendly WiFi certification?
Wherever you see the Friendly WiFi symbol, this means the public WiFi service is filtered to meet the two levels of protection as specified below:
1. The standard public Wi-Fi offering will automatically filter webpages known to the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) that depict indecent images of children, advertisements for or links to such content.
2. The standard public Wi-Fi offering will also include filters to block pornography.
This will help prevent children and young adults from accessing inappropriate pornographic material themselves, and should also limit accidental exposure to inappropriate material that nearby adults might be looking at in public.
This filtering standard will limit access to pornography but will not block certain content such as pornographic pictures that appear within social media sites, encrypted sites, or the small pictures that sometimes appear as static search results when using a search engine without invoking a safe-search setting.
What if I am able to access material which I think should be blocked under the Friendly WiFi certification?
Please refer to the above question ‘What type of webpages are blocked’. If you are still able to access webpages that you feel should be blocked then visit our Report Online section on ourwebsite for further advice.
Where will I see the symbol?
You will see the symbol on shop windows, internal and external signage, or appearing on internet landing pages and websites as you sign in to their Public WiFi service.
How do I locate Friendly WiFi venues around the World?
Look out for the Friendly WiFi symbol when you are out and about in the high street or at other venues providing Public WiFi services. These include retailers, restaurants, hoteliers, transport companies and any other businesses offering Public WiFi. Use our Friendly WiFi search locator to find your nearest venue.
Is there a fee to join the Friendly WiFi certification?
Yes, to join businesses pay an annual licence fee. This will be calculated on the number of WiFi Access Points or the size of the Location.To give you an idea, a business with a single access point (calculated coverage for each access point at1500sqft) will pay less than £30 per year! However, businesses with a large estate of venues/locations, or WiFi coverage, will benefit from scale discount. For non-profit or charities the fee is reduced by 50%.
I am a business offering Public WiFi, how do I join the Friendly WiFi certification?
It’s easy, simply fill out the form on our Friendly WiFi homepage and a member of the team will contact you, or alternatively email us at
Is the Friendly WiFi certification available globally?
The certification is available to any businesses worldwide who offer Public WiFi services and support a safe and better internet.
I am an ISP, WiFi or Content Filtering solution provider, how can I get involved in support of the Friendly WiFi initiative and discuss offering to my Customers?
Friendly WiFi has developed many partnering relationships worldwide with now over 100 industry providers, both supporting the initiative and working with Friendly to offer the certification to their WiFi Customers. To get approved,
or discuss a partnership, simply go to Get approved or Contact us section of our website.
I am an organisation or subject expert operating around Internet Safety. How can I get involved and acknowledge my support of the Friendly WiFi initiative?
Friendly WiFi has developed many partnering relationships worldwide with organisations focused on making the internet a safer place. To become a supporter, or discuss a partnership, simply go the Work with us section of our website.
I am a business providing (or looking to provide) WiFi solutions for my Customers. Are you able to point me in the right direction for advice, or to find a suitable service?

Absolutely, we partner with many WiFi solution providers worldwide and although we remain impartial, we are happy to help and guide you when looking to find a solution. To access our WiFi Services please visit our Business directory.