New Bazaar and businesses join "Friendly Wi-Fi Tirana" initiative for safe internet access for children and citizens

  • Posted on: 5 March 2020
  • By: admin
UNICEF and the Municipality of Tirana inaugurated Thursday, February 13, 2020, 15:00, at the New Bazaar premises the next point of the "Friendly Wi-Fi" secure internet access in the area. The activity "Protected Clients in the New Bazaar - Free and Safe Internet" brought together state authorities, civil society and business representatives, and citizens who discussed the importance of creating a safe digital environment for children and adolescents. The event sparked discussions about the technological ways of protecting customers as they navigate through the internet provided by the business using social responsibility by joining the “Friendly Wi-Fi Albania” initiative as a safeguard and prevention measure against these risks. Children need an Internet that guarantees safe navigation rather than controlling and restricting access to the Internet. "Friendly Wi-Fi Albania" is the solution to the problem! An internationally certified service, which enables online content to be filtered by illegal material and pornography. In Albania, this innovation comes from UNICEF, as a result of implementing the organization's online safety programme for children. The peculiarity of this event was that, for the first time in the country, businesses are joining this initiative. "Friendly Wi-Fi" allows entrepreneurs to increase their social responsibility to customers by providing them the option to navigate safely and comfortably in their own environments. Namely, "Sophie Bar Coffee", one of the largest coffee & snack chains in Albania joins our "Friendly Wi-Fi" launch for a safe internet. During this awareness event, the participants and citizens were involved in educational games and quizzes, as well as other fun activities. The new bazaar was the next point of access to safe public internet, certified by "Friendly Wi-Fi". Earlier in 2019, UNICEF and the Municipality of Tirana inaugurated four other points near Tirana's "Artificial Lake Park", pedestrian zone "Murat Toptani", "Skanderbeg Square" and "Student City". UNICEF Albania and the Municipality of Tirana aim to raise awareness among teens, parents and the community about the importance of providing safe internet for children and families not only in public places but also in family settings. The growing demand for safe internet allows children to grow and develop protected in the age of technological and digital developments. UNICEF, with the financial support of the Stop Violence Against Children programme, will continue to expand the concept of "Friendly Wi-Fi" with other safe internet access points in other cities of Albania, in order to engage actively children and adolescents, as the best creators of change.